About us 

Survivor's Paws Animal Rescue was started from our dedicated team of volunteers to save dogs and cats from kill shelters from down South.

Survivor was an incredible 3 year old emaciated dog that was dropped off by his original owners at a New York City kill shelter. He was only 32lbs of skin and bones with sores on his poor body.  Survivor was pulled from the kill shelter. After extensive tests were done at the veterinary's office, it was found that Survivor was emaciated due to his original owners not feeding him.


Rescues support each other.  There was a post for a dog needing transport from New York City to Burlington, VT.  As the call of duty, the post was answered. Survivor had the rides he needed to get to his forever home.

Survivor was fostered in New York City for little bit. He was given a ride to Hartford, CT and transported to White River Junction, VT to meet his supposed family from Burlington, VT.  That Burlington, VT family failed to show up to pick up this beautiful soul.  It was their loss.


Survivor was quarantined and ended up in his furever home in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire.

Survivor didn't know what grass was....he kept picking up his feet for the first couple of days.  It was kind of funny to see him do that.  Survivor was fed multiple small meals throughout the days and he thrived in his new environment  He learned how to be a dog, and loved playing with his tennis balls.  He would play fetch for hours.

Survivor was an ambassador for his breed and for the rescue world. He loved all creatures, dogs, cats, horses, chickens, goats, - even bees and humans of all sizes. AND he loved to smell flowers. 


Survivor was taken on rescue missions, he did numerous home visit checks with his furever Mom.  Survivor was temperament test dog, With his great laid back temperament, it was the perfect job for him. 
He loved puppies....even at 12 years when there was a couple of foster puppies in his home...he played with them.

Survivor even went on dog rescue missions to find lost dogs.  He was 12 years when he went on his last lost dog mission.  Survivor and Mom hiked for hours thru the woods of White River Junction, VT for this 6 month old puppy that got lost during doggie transport.  We spent 3 days looking for this poor puppy from Louisiana.  Survivor's Mom was on rescue mission in Boston, MA when this puppy, Avery, got loose during transport in White River Jct, VT.  By the time Survivor's Mom got home from Boston, MA it was almost midnight on that Saturday night.


Survivor's Mom was catching up on rescue pages and saw that Avery was loose and all by herself in the cold in December right before Christmas.  It was too later and Survivor's Mom was too exhausted to go looking that night.  The next morning, Survivor and Mom went out looking for Avery, and the next day.  Survivor looked for 3 days with his Mom.  Finally on Christmas night....we got the miracle we were hoping for.  Avery was caught in the dog trap that Survivor's Mom was able to borrow from the Upper Valley Humane Society. The family that let Survivor's Mom put up the trap, they were terrific and they caught the first sighting of Avery which lead to her capture.  Thank you, Chris and Megan.

Survivor was a trooper hiking thru the snow and cold.  Survivor's Mom fed Survivor a special Christmas dinner for all his hard work.


Survivor was with his furever family for almost 10 years, it wasn't enough time.  Sadly, Survivor passed away on April 6, 2020 at 13 years old due to cancer.

The best way to honor Survivor and his legacy was to start Survivor's Paws Animal Rescue, to prevent cruelty to animals and to continue to save dogs and cats from kill shelters down South.

Please consider making a donation to honor Survivor and to help save other dogs and cats.

Thank you to our hard working board members, volunteers and supporters.

Our motto:  Team Dog   Together Every Animal Matters  Doing Outstanding Good