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$20 Donation
Per Square

Hey all,

We know you're going to be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday. We also know that you love dogs. So we want to ask you a favor: would you join us in supporting our dog rescue?


This year, we are doing something new—we're running a lottery for Super Bowl squares. Each quarter, we will award a prize to the winner. First quarter will get $125, second quarter wins $250.00, third quarter wins $125 and fourth quarter wins $500 each. These are exciting times for your favorite dog rescue as we prepare for the big game between the Chiefs and the Eagles.

The Chiefs and the Eagles are set to face off in Super Bowl LIII. And while you're rooting for your favorite team, remember to root for your favorite dog rescue too!

If you're not familiar with us, we're Survivor's Paws Animal Rescue, and we save dogs who have been abused or neglected. We provide them with unconditional love, care, and a safe place to call home until they find their forever families.

We rely on donations from people like you to do our work. So if you'd like to support us in our efforts to save dogs—and maybe win some cash prizes while doing it—get your squares for our Super Bowl Squares fundraiser!

Win or lose, Team Dog thanks you!!

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